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    Enhanced Safety.

    Our Enclosure Systems Guarantee Maximum Safety

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    Increased Water Temperature.

    Free Heating from the Sun, Providing significant savings

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    Clean Sparkling Water.

    Reduce Pool Debris and Save On Water Treatment

What we Offer

Do you want to secure your swimming pool, prolongue swimming season, keep the water crystal clear, minimize heating costs and reduce the use of pool chemistry?

Here at poolenclosure.co.nz our main focus is to provide you with excellent service from start to finish of your experience. We supply and install the highest quality pool enclosures on the market, with a knowledgeable team ready to help you at every turn.

Our enclosures are easy to install and look amazing, no council consent is needed to install a pool enclosure and they will not interfere with (but add to) the security of your existing pool fence. We are happy to provide anyone with a free quote for any pool, just get in contact with us.

enclosure advantages

Pool enclosures have many key benefits over a standard pool cover or uncovered pool:

  • Swim all year round
  • Protection against dust, sand and bad weather
  • Minimize or eliminate heating costs
  • Greenhouse Effect
  • Reduce usage of chemicals
  • Cut down water evaporation
  • Reduce pool maintenance expenses
  • Increase pool safety
  • Provide extra UV Protection
  • No ongoing maintenance or costs
  • Add value to your property